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Like all living creatures, trees need certain elements to survive. The leaves in the canopy, along with the root system, only convert into food those elements that are within their reach.

The pavements of our streets, sidewalks and driveways diminish the available oxygen, organic nutrients and water absorbed by a tree’s roots. Raking of leaves deteriorates the layer of organic matter that provides nutrients that would eventually work their way into the soil. ArborDocs plant health care plan provides both macro and micro nutrients in organic form specifically designed for trees and scrubs. Our treatment has both slow and quick release properties that meet the nutritional needs of your trees throughout the growing season. Maintaining good health and vigor is crucial in the survival of your trees, and should be a part of regular landscaping maintenance. Applying a four to six inch layer of shredded mulch around the base of the tree is an excellent means of providing nutrients, oxygen and water to the root zone. This practice also helps reduce the number of unwanted plants competing for the same food sources. This mulch layer is most effective when spread from the root flare of the trunk out to one third the distance covered by the canopy of the tree.

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