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Construction Mitigation

Construction Damage - Arbor Docs Professional Tree Care Service

Construction is one of the most detrimental causes of premature death in trees.   Without a pre-construction plan it is likely that mature trees will die during or after construction. Construction plans should take into consideration the valuable assets that exist in these trees. ArborDocs can assist the property owner in providing for the proper protection of trees during the construction phase. A tree preservation plan should be a part of your construction plan from the beginning and maintained throughout the construction process:

  • Fencing of the tree-protection area
  • Assigning dollar values to each tree within this parameter
  • Minimizing soil contamination within the area. Solvents, paints, oil, combustible materials and effluent run-off are sources of long-term tree damage
  • Minimizing soil compaction - By limiting traffic and specifying the storage areas much of the damage caused by heavy equipment can be minimized.
  • Minimizing excavation - Piling excavated dirt around the base of a tree can injure its bark, starve the tree of nutrients, and introduce rot or fungus. Using extra reinforcement to modify paving materials can reduce the depth of cuts in the soil. Route utilities around trees.
  • Pruning on a necessity-only basis
  • Delaying the planting of any new material until the construction project  is completed
  • Watering regularly during construction.

If preserving  your  trees from damage during construction is a priority for you, a similar commitment from your general contractor will be required.

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